Have you taken the Challenge?

What if suddenly you find yourself locked in a room with friends, family and even strangers! You have only one hour to figure out how to get out the room and you agreed to do this – FOR FUN! You would be part of the biggest new Entertainment craze in the world! A live, first person, interactive game called Escape the Room Challenge. Discover hidden items, solve challenging puzzles, and unlock amazing secrets to win your freedom. You’ve only got 60 minutes, so think quickly.

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A Gypsy Fortune Teller was mysteriously murdered in her parlor, so she set a curse on the site to catch her killers. Unfortunately, you are now in that parlor and must find a way to escape her curse – before you’re trapped by her black magic for eternity. The curse is not for the weak of heart and  is our most difficult challenge (4 out of 4). Only 20% of the teams will survive.



The Giganti Family has stolen your family’s treasured statue – and it’s up to you to recover it from their warehouse. Once inside, you discover more than stolen artwork. Can you outwit this powerful Mob before they ship your heirloom out of the country and you are never heard from again? Don’t trifle with the mob. This is a mid-level challenge (2 out of 4). 35% of the teams will survive.



There has been a breach in agency security.  Your superiors contact you and tell you that they have discovered there is a double agent who has planted a bomb! The explosion will take out – not only the lab – but everything within a quarter mile!  Now you and your fellow agents have one hour to discover the double agent’s identity and disarm the device, and save not only yourselves but thousands of people! This is a upper mid-level challenge (3 out of 4).  30% of the teams will survive.