room escape challengeDouble Agent Dilemma Room Escape Challenge

There has been a breach in agency security and important information has been leaked.  As a deep cover agent, you have been working undercover for months in attempt to trace the leak. Every path you head down has been a dead end.

Your superiors contact you and your worst fears are confirmed. There is a double agent betraying the country. In an effort to cover their tracks, the double agent has planted a bomb in the agency lab and the explosion will take out, not only the lab but everything within a quarter mile. Now you and your fellow agents have one hour to discover the double agent’s identity and disarm the device to save not only yourselves but thousands of innocent people!

  • Double Agent Dilemma is a challenge designed for 12 players. Up to 12 people will be in the room at one time. If you purchase fewer than 12 tickets, you will be playing with other people, which will add to the fun! Difficulty factor is 3 out of 4.
  • Plan on spending a total of 90 minutes with us from start to finish. You’ll have one hour to escape the room. After that hour, if you don’t succeed, we’ll go through an explanation of how to solve all the puzzles inside the room. Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Once a group is locked in a room you will NOT be allowed to enter. We do not offer any refunds on reserved tickets.
  • If you have already participated in Double Agent Dilemma, please keep the game a mystery. Do not reveal clues or answers to others. You can use your wits and experience to try our other challenge games. If you would like to Escape the Room again, please register for Esmeralda’s Curse, Uncle Ernie’s Millions or Escape the Mob.