Confessions of an Escape Room Operator

Confessions of an Escape Room Operator

We opened our doors about two and a half years ago. We started out with only 2 rooms: Escape The Mob and Esmeralda’s Curse. Since then, we have opened Double Agent Dilemma as well as our newest room, Uncle Ernie’s Millions. We have seen a lot of interesting things.

One of the questions we get asked by our guests frequently is, do we laugh and make fun of you? For us, when we run your escape game it is more like watching football.  We you do something amazing we cheer. When your group fumbles or gets really close to solving a puzzle we share your feelings of frustration. We also love it when players solve a puzzle correctly, but figure out a different way of solving it than was intended.

We always tell groups that we don’t care if they win or lose, we only want them to have fun. Truth is, we want every group to win and that it is a struggle for us to not give you extra clues. Our clues are based off a timeline so we have to wait for so much time to pass before we can give you the next clue. I think all of us have been guilty of giving a clue or two too early. We of course want all our groups to have a good time.


One of the most difficult parts of watching our game is when groups don’t talk very much. Even though we have great cameras we still have limited vision. So when a group is not talking to each other it is difficult to tell what they are doing. If they are trying different combinations and dont share with each other what they are putting in the lock, we can’t be sure if there is a problem with the lock or if the player is just doing it wrong.

One thing we are most paranoid about is leaving a lock unlocked or having a broken lock. Before each game we test the locks to make sure they are functioning correctly and we try and double check to make sure they are locked. Occasionally we miss something and it can throw off the game. We want every game to work the same as the last one. If something doesn’t work right we are pretty hard on ourselves.

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We are now offering custom show times to everyone. So if you don’t see a challenge or a time that works for you, just ask us and we will try and work something out. Send an email to or call 513-759-7666  If you have a corporate group, birthday party or are interested in booking multiple rooms call our group sales office 513-898-8000 ext. 203 or email  We are partnered with Entertainment Junction and can offer your group meeting rooms, party rooms along with catering and even cocktails.

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