3 Tools You Need To Escape

3 Tools you need to escape


Most escape rooms will provide all the tools in the room that you need to escape. If you need a black light or magnet you will find it hidden somewhere. Here are a few tools that you may need to bring with you.

Glasses- This is the number one item that some people need. If it is prescription or just readers, players seem to forget they may need glasses before entering the escape room. Many times there are notes or combination locks that have small letters and numbers on them. Some escape rooms will provide you with a magnifying glass but you should not assume it will be in the room.

Shoes – Never underestimate the power of comfy shoes. You will be on your feet for up to an hour. You will also be bending over and you could be climbing on top of a ladder. If you are uncomfortable your mind can be distracted and it becomes difficult to focus on the puzzles.

Crew- You are pretty smart but a good crew composed of friends and family could be what you need to escape. Pick people who you want to be locked in a room with for an hour. You may need a math wiz, ex military, the mechanic, computer nerd, and the comic relief.  



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