3 Ways Escape Rooms Help Employees Adapt to Change

3 Ways Escape Rooms Help Employees Adapt to Change



Helping your staff adapt to evolving technology and industry practices while remaining productive can be a challenge. Workers of all backgrounds have different expectations of their jobs and one another, so they learn to manage change at varying rates. Escape rooms are a refreshing corporate team-building activity that can teach your employees to become more flexible and open to new ideas and people. To complete an escape room challenge, participants are placed in a room and presented with a set of obstacles they must overcome. How do these activities help workers adapt to new situations?

Introduces People to Unfamiliar Situations

Your staff might go weeks or even months without encountering a new or unusual scenario. When a crisis suddenly occurs, they may feel disoriented and have difficulty prioritizing tasks. Escape rooms present employees with situations they’ve never experienced before, forcing them to think critically and solve problems without making snap decisions that could hinder their success.

Encourages Positive Thinking

Escape rooms can also help promote a positive outlook among employees. When people are met with unexpected changes in the workplace— especially those that require them to learn new skills or take on additional responsibilities—they may find it hard to remain upbeat. In an escape room challenge, participants must stay motivated to find a way out. If they succumb to negative feelings and defeat, they won’t escape.

Helps Workers Expand Their Comfort Zone

Having a comfort zone is a normal part of the human experience, but it can also make people resistant to change. The best way to adapt to new situations is to push those boundaries. An escape room activity reveals hidden strengths among your staff that will promote confidence when transitioning to new roles in the workplace. As participants tackle each challenge in the room, their skills become apparent to both them and their co-workers, helping everyone become more confident in one another’s abilities. This builds trust and makes it easier for people to leave their comfort zone at work.


To find out more about how you can help your employees adjust to change in the workplace, book a team-building activity at Escape the Room Challenge in West Chester, OH. With four exciting scenarios to choose from, your staff will put their problem-solving skills to the test and learn to respond to new situations. For info on your next team building event contact Katie in group sales 513-898-8000 ext 203. Visit them online to learn more about their escape challenges, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates.


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