4 Reasons why an Escape Room is the perfect team building activity

4 Reasons why an escape room is the perfect team building activity


1-     It’s not boring! – Let’s be honest, when you have those rare days when you can get your team together, often your team members are more excited about getting out of the office than they are about the actual activity.  Not anymore!  An escape room will be enjoyed by everyone and your team will be eager for their next visit.

2-     Everyone works together – With so many team building activities, as soon as everyone arrives they go their separate ways.  Not with this one.  Everyone works together to accomplish a common goal… and that’s what team building is all about!

3-     You actually learn something – When your team works together in such a unique way they learn so much about each other. They learn about their strengths and weaknesses, the dynamic of the group, and how everyone fits into the team as they attempt to reach their goal to escape the room

4-     There will be so much to talk about – Not only will your team have learned a lot, but they will have been through a lot in the last hour too!  Discussing their triumphs and failures, moments of surprise, and countless laughs and smiles will be the talk of the water cooler for weeks to come!

Group rates, catering options, and meeting spaces are available by booking through our group sales department.  Contact Katie Louis at 513-898-8000 x203 or email klouis@nullentertrainmentjunction.com for more information.

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