5 Types Of People In Every Escape Room

5 Types of People In Every Escape Room

Every group has some sort of diversity.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a group of friends, coworkers, church group, or even complete strangers.  Groups going into escape rooms are no exception.  Everyone plays a particular role, but it seems as though every group that we host at Escape The Room Challenge has at least one of these types of people.  Here are 5 types of people in every escape room:

1.      Overly confident guy who has never done an escape room before.

Inherently in every group there is one person who asks what the current record is for their room.  We tell them something like, “The record is currently 20 minutes and 18 seconds remaining.” The response is always, “Okay, everyone, let’s see if we can do this with 21 minutes remaining!” Of course, someone in the group always calls them out for having never done a room before.  Do they break the record?  Yes.  Sometimes they do!

2.      The, “We’re all gonna die!” Guy


There is one in every group.  It’s fifteen seconds into the game and the group is still getting their bearings.  There’s always a negative Nancy that assumes at there is doom from the beginning.  “Hurry!  The Mob is on its way!” they exclaim,  “Oh no!  The bomb is going to go off!” These people, even if they win, seem to be in a state of disbelief.  You’d think that confidence is key, but hey – someone has to keep people on their toes!


3.      The, “Is it scary?” Guy


No.  This is more of a puzzle than a haunted house.  I think every operator has had to explain that a thousand times.  There’s always someone who doesn’t believe us.  They are the last person to walk into the room when the game is about to start.  Fortunately fear quickly subsides and much fun ensues!


4.      The, “We will win because my kid is here and he is smart.” Parent


As derogatory as the title sounds, it’s sometimes true.  Success in escape rooms is all about perspective.  The more perspectives you can get, the better the chance at success.  Seeing that final puzzle through the eyes of a child may be the necessary key to success.


5.      The pros

We are to the point where every day we get either a person or a group that has done a dozen or more escape rooms.  That’s crazy!  These people are have seen it all… or have they?  One thing that we’ve noticed was that there are times when your experience can work against you.  Remember—preconceived notions are your worst enemy in an escape room!

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