Which Escape Challenge Is Right for Your Group?

By now, you probably know escape rooms as the hot new trend in entertainment—but have you tried one yet? They’re a great way to test your wits and enjoy a thrilling bonding experience with a group of your friends, family, or coworkers. At Escape the Room Challenge in West Chester, OH, you can choose from four different exhilarating escape challenges to see if you’re smart enough to unlock these brainteasers.

Which escape challenge is right for your group? Here’s a taste of what’s in store:

  • Uncle Ernie’s Millions: This escape challenge asks eager participants to find their inheritance before it ends up in the hand of an unscrupulous lawyer. With a difficulty level of 2/4 and a nonviolent theme, this small escape room is perfect for families and first-time visitors.
  • Escape the Mob: Fans of “The Godfather” movies and fine art alike will enjoy this crime caper: find the statue before it’s too late! A 2/4 difficulty makes this a good choice for medium-sized groups of mixed ages. It’s also a fun birthday party idea!
  • Double Agent Dilemma: A thrilling spy adventure designed for up to 12 players, this challenging room is perfect for team-building with coworkers or a girls’ night out. The 3/4 difficulty rating makes it an excellent choice for older teens and adults.
  • Esmerelda’s Curse: With a 4/4 difficulty rating, this is the hardest nut to crack! The scary set-up and cryptic puzzles make this best suited for adults and experienced escape artists. Dedicated gamers will enjoy it as well!

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