How The Mob Stole Christmas – The Making of:

For the 2018 holiday season we reskinned and transformed our popular escape room “Escape The Mob” into “How The Mob Stole Christmas!” A lot of people asked about our creative process on building an escape room.  The first step to any escape room is a good story. This creates an immersive experience for the players […]

Top 5 Questions We’re Asked (and answers!)

How long does it take to “clean up” after someone does an escape room? –        It really depends. Often times groups that are organized and keep things in order and it makes resetting the room much quicker.  We have also noticed that groups that are organized are more likely to be successful. So it’s a […]

3 Things We Would Like To Do In An Escape Room, But Shouldn’t

3 Things We Would Like To Do In An Escape Room, But Shouldn’t #1 Order A Pizza: An hour is not a lot of time and it goes very fast but wouldn’t it be fun to have a hot pizza delivered to the Escape Room. I know when I get stressed I want to eat. […]

3 Tools You Need To Escape

3 Tools you need to escape   Most escape rooms will provide all the tools in the room that you need to escape. If you need a black light or magnet you will find it hidden somewhere. Here are a few tools that you may need to bring with you. Glasses- This is the number […]

4 Reasons why an Escape Room is the perfect team building activity

4 Reasons why an escape room is the perfect team building activity   1-     It’s not boring! – Let’s be honest, when you have those rare days when you can get your team together, often your team members are more excited about getting out of the office than they are about the actual activity.  Not […]