Fan Fiction

Secret Agents, Mobsters, Magic, & Mayhem

By Jae Elle Adams

The ETRC Agency Director sighed and sat back in his chair. Rubbing his temples, he surveyed the cases spread out over his desk. The ETRC Agency was considered the top of the field in both the normal and paranormal criminal cases, so many ultimately landed there after being deemed unsolvable by other various alphabet agencies. In the past couple of months, there had been a breach in the Agency – with highly classified information falling into the wrong hands, leading to the murder of Madame Rosa Patron – one of the Agency’s top informants. Combining that with the EnterTrainment Museum Heist, the Giganti Mob Family, and the mysteriously demented composer Hans Komisch, the Director definitely had his hands full.

Madame Rosa Patron – a fortune teller gypsy with very real abilities – fed intel to the ETRC Agency all the while participating in an ill-advised love triangle between the retired Giganti Enforcer, Ernie Giganti, and the up and coming next Boss, Tiny Giganti. While the Giganti family was known to knock over museums in search of priceless family heirlooms, shooting an unarmed female just didn’t add up. Not to mention that Ernie Giganti had been found deceased in the game room of his home shortly after Patron’s death. Forensic testing on the wine and whiskey bottles found littered around the room had yet to return. The Giganti Family Accountant, a lawyer by the name of Cramer Cravendoe, is trying to get the $50 million estate turned back over to the Family instead of to E. Giganti’s beloved nieces and nephews. Tiny Giganti’s last known location was heading to the manor of the also recently deceased Hans Komisch.

Agents assigned to each of these cases were starting to disappear. There were unsubstantiated rumors that several groups of people had disappeared after attempting to break into the Giganti shipping warehouse or the former parlor of Madame Rosa. Several groups have been arrested for breaking and entering the home where Ernie Giganti died. Hans Komisch definitely dabbled in the darker arts for his music, so news of a new private concert performed after his death was quiet concerning. Matter of fact, the only suspect for the double agent that hadn’t yet disappeared was…


Double Agent Dilemma

The door to the director’s office slammed open to reveal his Deputy Director looking near panicked. Before he even had a chance to ask what was wrong, they yelled out, “Director! The Double Agent has planted a bomb in the lab, we have less than an hour to evacuate a quarter mile radius!”

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