How The Mob Stole Christmas – The Making of:

For the 2018 holiday season we reskinned and transformed our popular escape room “Escape The Mob” into “How The Mob Stole Christmas!” A lot of people asked about our creative process on building an escape room. 

The first step to any escape room is a good story. This creates an immersive experience for the players and sets the final goal. In this particular scenario we already had the story of “Escape the Mob”, now we had to extend it to the next chapter. We brainstormed different ideas of how the mob could ruin Christmas. In the original story The Mob stole your priceless family heirloom. For the holiday version we knew what ever the Mob stole would be one of the most important and iconic parts of Christmas. We finally settled on Santa’s Sleigh. Lindsay the gift shop manager at our sister company EnterTrainment Junction did all the illustrations and Bill the General Manager narrated it. Check our the trailer here. 

The next step is to create the theming. This was the most fun part of designing an escape room. We already had great theming so the only thing left was figure out how the mob would decorate for Christmas. We took lots of gold garland and the black Christmas tree fit in perfectly. A wreath with deer antlers brought it all together.

An immersive story and beautiful theming are great but it is all nothing without challenging and fun puzzles. This definitely the most complicated part of the process. We knew that puzzles had to meet very specific qualifications. Each puzzle had to be both fun and challenging for kids and seasoned escapists. Each puzzle also had to fit into the theme and create both nostalgic and immersive feelings.

After creating lots of different puzzles we then had to test them on different types of people. Not smart or dumb people but people who thought with logic and reasoning or with creativity and intuition. Not every puzzle passed. We threw away several that just did not seem to work. Then we took the average time it took for people to solve the puzzles and added it to our timeline of events.  We brought in several test groups and made some last minute changes before the game opened to the public.

How The Mob Stole Christmas will be back for the 2019 holiday season with new puzzles and surprises. Keep an eye on all our social media for updates. We have new surprises coming this spring.

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