It Seemed So Real

People Are Raving About Virtual Reality at
Escape The Room Challenge!


Escape rooms have come very far in the past several years of their existence in the United States.  What was once a game of mind tricks and puzzles have evolved to include “wow” moments, surprises, and experiences that are only limited by what is physically possible.


Physically possible… until now, that is.  


Earlier this summer, Escape the Room Challenge debuted the first virtual reality (VR) escape room in the region named De-Composed.  In the game, you have been turned into a ghost and must escape the deceased composer Hans Komisch’s mansion before he turns you into a ghostly member of his symphony forever! Here are some things people are saying:



“I couldn’t believe it!  I totally forgot I was just playing a video game after a while.
It seemed so real!”

“I thought it would give me motion sickness but it didn’t.
I had a lot of fun!”

“You wouldn’t believe what they can do in these things.
I want to play more!”

“I love video games and I love escape rooms.
A VR escape room was perfect for me!”


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