Madam Rosa is Going Dark

Esmeralda’s Curse “Dark” Edition

The veil protecting us from the other side is thinning this Halloween season. Esmeralda is angrier than ever. From October 17th till November 2nd experience Esmeralda’s curse like never before. In The Dark!

You will be tossed into Madam Rosa’s parlor with only a candle and your wits to cut through the darkness to save us from her curse. If you have already played the original version and lost or want to get a better time now is your chance. Are you finally ready to accept the challenge of one Cincinnati’s most difficult escape room?  All of your favorite puzzles are still there but you will discover a few new surprises. You’ll howl at the sinister new puzzles and scream that you can’t remember how to solve some of the old ones.” 

When booking Esmeralda’s Curse you can choose if you would like to play the “Original” edition or the limited “Dark” edition.

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