More about VR Escape Rooms

For those unfamiliar with the VR gaming and escape rooms,  2 to 4 players will be using virtual reality headsets and motion hand controllers. They are deeply immersed in a world of three-dimensional visuals and sound effects as they attempt to “move around” or teleport throughout a haunted mansion and solve clues in order to escape the virtual reality environment.

Players are actively exploring, communicating, working together, and solving puzzles fully in our VR world with their friends. Through the power of VR, players can interact, see each other’s “ghosts” or avatars, and even hand-off virtual objects, clues and keys to one another. In fact, teamwork, communication, and cooperation is just as necessary to win just like non VR rooms. Just like a traditional escape room, you have to solve the room before the clock runs out! Escape The Room Challenge has this regions first and only “VR” escape room.

Here is the DE-COMPOSED Story

You and your friends have been invited to a most unusual private concert.  There is a rumor of newly discovered musical works by the brilliant, demented and recently deceased composer, Hans Komisch! You know this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to venture into the mind of a true genius and discover the madness behind the music. Upon entering his mansion, you realize that the invitation was a trap… you have all been transformed into ghosts!  If you can’t escape, your spirit will serve as the crucial piece to his final opus. You must defeat the inner workings of his mansion and his mind so you can recover your human forms before you get completely… DECOMPOSED!

Watch the trailer here:


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