Questions about VR

Since we have opened our newest Escape Room Experience “De-Composed VR” we have gotten a lot of questions about Virtual Reality. Here are some of the most common questions. If you have any additional questions please reach out to us

Is it safe! Yes it totally safe! All of the game is Virtual there are no real dangers. We recommend ages 12 and up.

Will I get dizzy or motion sickness? This is a big concern for a lot of escapees. During the game play you are sitting in a chair and controlling your own navigation. The movements are teleportation style. You won’t be just walking around. There are no fast moving objects or extreme movements. Everyone who has played that game with a concern about motion sickness commented how smooth the game play is. No one has experienced any type of motions sickness. With that said we can’t guarantee you won’t experience motion sickness. You are always welcome to remove the VR glasses and take a break.

Will you offer other games? We are looking at a few different options for Halloween and Christmas escape games. The developer is supposed to have a new game out this fall. Keep your eyes on our social media for updates.

Is it like a real escape room? It is very much like a real escape room. You will have to solve puzzles, riddles and mysteries to escape. Just like real escape games like you will have to pick up and combine objects, unlock locks, also work together as a team.

I wear glasses? Most glasses will work. The VR glasses have lots of adjustments to fit your face.  If you have larger glasses or thick glasses you may want to consider wearing contacts.

Is it like the cheap headsets for my phone? We use HTC Vive headsets. They provide a higher resolution, better tracking and a smother experience than the cheep headsets you would place your phone in. If you didn’t like the experience from your phone headset, check out the VIVE. It is totally different. You will be surprised.

Will I be in the same room as my friends? Just like a real escape room you will be physically locked in a room with four of your closest friends or family. You will also be virtually locked in the same room. You will be able to see and talk to them inside the game. This is a cooperative experience and you will need team work to escape.

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