Sneak Peak Of What We Do

As you adjust to a new normal, Escape the Room Challenge is adjusting and growing right along with you. Like Steve Martin once said “I have found that, just as in real life, imagination sometimes has to stand in for experience.” Here is a little inside peek in how we are re-imagining the way we do things. First of all, every game is now a private VIP experience at no extra charge. If you reserve a full room you will still get that 20% discount but you will never have to be in an escape room with anyone that is not part of your crew.

Secondly, our check in experience is now easier and more contactless than before. There are no waivers to sign. You don’t even have to print off your confirmation or any coupons. Just show us on your phone and click redeem on those coupons.

Next on list of changes, we all know that Escaping the Mob or outsmarting the Double Agent can be a dirty job but we are keeping it clean. Every escape room is cleaned and disinfected after every group. We also have a strict routine to clean and disinfect all the public areas including common areas, restrooms, gamemaster rooms and shared equipment. Don’t worry we are still flashing our devious smiles under our masks as we slam the door and lock you in the room.

And finally, to help you feel comfortable with a smaller group size, our clue system has changed. We will give your group clues based on you group size and skill level. Don’t be scared to book a room for 2 that is made for 10 people, we will give you a few extra nudges. Kids are encouraged to play. We will make sure the clues are just right for their age, so now your core family can play alone and win the game!

Also note that if you are not feeling well or have been in contact with someone with Covid-19 or for any other reason lets reschedule. There is no extra charge.

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