Top 5 Questions We’re Asked (and answers!)

How long does it take to “clean up” after someone does an escape room?

        It really depends. Often times groups that are organized and keep things in order and it makes resetting the room much quicker.  We have also noticed that groups that are organized are more likely to be successful. So it’s a win-win for everyone.


Who designed the rooms?

-The best part of working for Escape The Room Challenge is that you are part of the bigger picture.  Our first three rooms – Escape the Mob, Esmeralda’s Curse, and Double Agent Dilemma – were designed by Danny Craven, who is a well known costumer and has done countless displays and costumes for various entertainment venues.  Uncle Ernie’s Millions was designed by Jason Curtis who has done set design for everything from theme parks to Broadway.  The newest addition, How The Mob Stole Christmas, which ran through the month of December and was designed in house by ETRC’s escape room operators.  What a fun experience!

Our newest escape room

How often do the room change? 

-With the exception of Escape the Mob temporarily becoming How the Mob Stole Christmas last December, the rooms haven’t changed much since opening.  Maybe someday, though!


What’s next for Escape The Room Challenge?

-Virtually anything! Stay tuned! Check our social media pages for clues of our upcoming challenges.

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