What To Expect When You are Escaping

What To Expect When You Are Escaping


We constantly are asked from first time Escapee’s what to expect. Here is a brief rundown of what you should expect when you are escaping. After you book your reservation on our website www.escapetheroomchallenge.com you will be sent a confirmation email. It is handy to print out but it is not necessary. You do not need to sign a waiver or sign any consent forms.

Once you arrive you will be greeted by your game host. There are lots of games and puzzles in the Lobby to keep you entertained to get your brain muscles flexing if you arrive early. We do recommend that you arrive about 15 minutes prior to your game start time. Your game host play a video to give you a few tips, tricks and possible some bad jokes. You game host will then go over your game objectives.

Once you are in the escape room you have up to one hour to solve challenge puzzles and unlock amazing secrets to win your freedom. Some puzzles involve words, colors, numbers or buttons. Each of our 4 escape rooms provide a different experience and require a different strategy for escaping.

Once you escape or you run out of time your game host will review the game with you. If you did not finish your game, the host will walk you through the remaining puzzles. If you didn’t understand a puzzle or missed something your host will help you with it also.

Finally we will take a group photo with different props. You will get a loser sign or if you are lucky you get the winner sign. If you want us to take a photo with your camera or phone we will be happy to do that for you also. Your group photo will be posted on our facebook page. You can download, react, share or steal your photo https://www.facebook.com/escapetheroomchallenge/

Visit our website for more information www.escapetheroomchallenge.com or call 513-759-7666 We look forward to your visit!


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