Why You Should Try an Escape Room for Your Next Group Outing

If you enjoy a bit of a thrill but don’t want to risk any genuine harm, you need to experience the exhilarating, puzzle-like challenge of an escape room. In this physical adventure game, you and your friends will be locked in a room and left to find your way out before your time is up. Why go to the movies when you can personally experience the high-stakes adventure of an action blockbuster?

Usually, an escape room facility will have multiple types of rooms with different themes and varying levels of difficulty. Escape the Room Challenge in West Chester, OH, offers three games: Escape the Mob, Esmerelda’s Curse, and Double Agent Dilemma. Each room is given a difficulty rating between one and four, and two to 12 participants will have up to one hour to complete every puzzle within and find the key to their freedom.

Although there is never any real danger, a story or theme is laid out in the room to create a sense of emergency for players. For example, Esmeralda’s Curse —the most difficult puzzle at Escape the Room Challenge—presents the story of a room that was cursed by a murdered fortune teller. If the players are unable to solve the mystery before the time runs out, they will be poisoned by a deadly gas, and their souls will be trapped for all eternity.

Once players are locked in the room and the timer has begun, they will have to begin searching every crevice for a clue or riddle. Solving it will be the only way to either enter a number in a combination box or discover where the next clue might be hiding. Each escape challenge layout varies—it all depends on the story you choose to play.

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